We’re looking for writers who can contribute their time and enthusiasm in the topics of Food, Weddings, Sports & More. At this time we are only offering volunteer positions but we can provide personalized bio pages and exposure through content advertising and distribution to our rapidly growing community.  

Requirements: To be a writer for any of our websites, we require that you have:

  • Strong command of written English language
  • Technical competence with word processing software
  • Relatively competent research skills.
  • Familiarity with the WordPress platform.

If you’re interested in writing for us, please be aware of the following:

  • Only serious candidates need apply
  • The word-for-word content you write for the site will remain our property. Any opinions expressed by any writers remain solely that of the writer.
  • The content you provide will be edited for English quality, formatting consistency, search engine optimization, and possibly for monetization opportunities.
  • Writers will be asked to write as consistently as possible.
  • Location does not matter.
Guest Posts: We accept guest post submissions for all our sites, but please be aware that we do charge a small admin fee for our time spent optimizing and posting. Email info@screeninvasion.com if interested. 
Open Positions:

Music Video Reviewer: Looking for a smart, funny writer to tackle one music video per week. Can be old or a new music.

Soundtrack/Score Reviewer: We get advance copies of most major film scores/soundtracks and are looking for someone to review them as stand alone music works or to take a deeper look at how the music compliments the film. 

Graphic Designer:  We need some logo work down for future sites and would love to be able to have some more custom images within our articles. If you’ve got Photoshop skills, we need you!

Sports Writer: We are looking to add sports fanatics to our volunteer staff at Sports Invasion. Fans of baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and more are all welcome.

Foodie Writer:  Our newest site is Food Invasion, specifically targeted towards foodies. If you’re into cooking, recipes, and/or baking we’d love to talk to you about joining the team.

Wedding Writer:  Recently engaged or just a wedding trend addict? We’re looking into rebranding our already existing wedding blog and need more voices to round out the team.

Social Media Coordinator: While we have a solid base on Facebook and Twitter, we’re looking for someone willing to help us expand our audience for all of our sites. 

Don’t see anything that fits your interests? Email your ideas and skillsets and we’d love to find a place for you.

Application: To apply for a writing position, email 3 relevant writing samples of at least 200 words each to info@screeninvasion.com. For other positions/inquiries, no writing samples are necessary. 

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